Seven Sins


Seven Sins

This is a serie of seven deadly sins, in the light of modern times. 

Vanity or I Am The Messias is about the fact that usually a messias is presented as  male . In this coming era of female energy I present you a female as messias. 

Lust or After Mata Hari is about woman who may finally openly enjoy their sexuality after centuries of suppression and taboo. 

Wrath or Bacon is about an animal presenting some human bodies to eat, instead of the other way around.

Greed or Organism is about the organ donation law discussion. The man in the picture is already naked, but there's still something left to steal . 

Jealousy or Three Is A Crowd is about the extreme form jealous delusion can take on and plays tricks with the mind .

Gluttony or Babe is about woman who stuff themselves to become fat, and use this as a kind of protection mask. The woman in the picture presents herself as a model anyway. 

Laziness or .....   does not exist because of ...laziness