Grrreat Little Girls

The Pleiadians or the Seven Sisters                                                                                                                                                       Paintings of the star group Pleiades which are also called the 7 Sisters ( read more below the pictures ) 


Paintings of the star group Pleiades which are also called the 7 Sisters

The Grrreat Little Girls series represent the transition period to the new aeon, which cycle just started and will last about 26.000 years. Half of the complete cycle is 13.000 years of female energy and the other half represents the male energy. Many children born these days are highly sensitive as you may have noticed. They are different and some are born with fantastic new skills . These  children will show the way to a more feminine way of living and understanding life on earth. The reason I paint this series , is to mark this period of shifting energies from male to female , and to make people aware of these changes. Girls, because this represents the female energy. Great, because this energy will grow huge and the shift will make human beings able to do great and remarkable things. The paintings are also a challenge to look in a different way at our origins: 

According to the stories of the Hopi Indians, and many other indigenous people of the world,  human beings originally came from different planets in the universe , and were placed on earth.  One of the star groups we supposedly came from are the Pleiades , also called the 7 Sisters.  Darwin thought otherwise, but there is no real proof he was right, although we learned this at school. 

The North American Indians told us : Maybe your ancestors were monkeys , but ours most certainly were not !

We all heard of the Mayan calendar and the end of times. The Long Count of 26.000 years and the Short Count of 2000 years all finished at 21-12-2012 .  This does not mean the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. It is the beginning of a new cycle of about 26.000 years.  At this point in history , we are right now in the transition of male to female energy. As a humanity we are going through a major transformation shift of consciousness. The female side in every man and woman will develop  stronger after centuries of oppression. The vibration frequency of the Earth itself and all life on it, has been raised to the 4th dimension, which is connected to the heart chakra. In the heart the male and female energy will form a harmonious  "holy marriage" . From there we quickly jump to the 5th dimension , the throat chakra, where we can speak our truth. ( Just look around what is happening in the world )

The voice ( throat chakra ) produces sound, sound is vibration as you know, vibration creates a special kind of energy and this can eventually even materialize in form.  For example , long time ago, the druids in England did "chant the land" for 7 days in a row, day and night, with large amounts of people who took turns on the singing  during the fertile season . They believed it would help the crops grow strong and vibrant.  These are techniques we will rediscover.  Our newborns will have fantastic skills as for example telepathy, and be able to do amazing things like , materialization , time traveling and many more exiting stuff .                                             

The serie is still in progress . In the end , there will be seven paintings of Grrreat Little Girls in this serie.